The Women's Courage Centre is meant to be a safe haven for women and girls who have gone through abusive situations and need a place to rest.  We are particularly keen on supporting teenage mothers and their children with support for education, skills training, resume writing, counseling, business development and so much more.

WE aim to also bring out the leadership skills in each woman and girl so that she can understand her power to help her navigate through life, this will be done through workshops designed by professionals in various fields.

It is our goal to work and partner with other organizations, professionals and individuals who are moving along the same lines so that each group is more effective in the work that is being done

We can never do this work alone, so we ask you to become a sponsor, partner, friend patron or help us with your time.

Future leaders Programme:  This is a programme focuses on teenage girls between the age of 13-18.  This age is a vulnerable time for a young woman, it is also the time when she can be influenced the most to become who she is meant to be so that she can have a positive impact on society, through workshops, role plays, mentorship programmes we aim to bring out the best in her.