Canada's longest running Mayor and our lifetime achievement award recipient Mayor Hazel McCallion also known as Hurrican
Hazel, Seated with recipients of the Women's Courage Awards International

Group of recipients of Women's Courage Awards International an event attended by people from diverse communities!

Endless Possibilities And Hope Development Organization is a registered Canadian Charitable Organization dedicated to uplifting humanity through various programmes and initiatives, with particular focus on Development, Health, Education and Philanthropy.



Our mission is to provide the means to assist persons abused to resume their lives and live it to the fullest.

To educate and bring awareness to society about the effects of abuse 

To work with, encourage and develop youth to become leaders in their communities enabling them to become positive contributing members of society.

To train and equip young mothers with skills needed to live life fully and to the highest potential



To see a world in which positive living inspires each and every person to live a fulfilled life. To see a world in which being kind to one another is as important as daily living. To see a world in which each person feels safe, cared for and about.








Our girls of Endless Possibilities Participants with Mayor Susan Fennell of Brampton, We encourage girls to play a major role in Society, to become effective leaders of Tomorrow